BMSI  and Check Pro



BMSI Credit Services and Check Pro have discontinued operations



          For those whose debts have been placed with us for collection:


                        Please note that we have requested Trans Union and Equifax to remove from their records all information that we have previously supplied to them. Thus, any item on your credit record previously

                        reported by us should soon be purged. If your debt was reduced to judgment, the credit reporting agencies may still carry a record of the judgment.


                        If you have had a judgment placed against you by Check Pro, please write to us at


                        Otherwise, if you wish to inquire about a dishonored check or delinquent debt placed for collection, please contact the creditor or merchant who referred the item to us.


          For our Subscribers:


If you are a subscriber to our services and would like to have your accounts returned to you, please contact us at You will be sent a contract amendment enabling us to return to you all previously referred  accounts that we have not purchased from you, together with a complete listing of accounts and  pertinent information. Because we have ceased operations, we have discontinued working all accounts and are providing no services other than the return of accounts.











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